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The last time a Whose Line DVD was released, it was fall of 2007 with the second DVD of season 1.  Since then, we have eagerly been anticipating the next DVD release, believing that season 2 would follow.  However, that doesn't seem to be the case, as it was recently announced that the next DVD would instead be "The Best Of Whose Line Is It Anyway?".

"The Best Of Whose Line" will be a two disc DVD set consisting of ten episodes that are supposed to represent the absolute best of Whose Line.  The region one (US & Canada only) DVD will be released on June 9th of this year.

Below is text from a statement released on that describes the DVD release in more detail:

Drew Carey hosts this American version of the British improvisational comedy series as an ensemble performs unrehearsed "games" before a live audience. No one gets voted off the show. That would be too easy. Instead contestants face crueler fates: be a fish on a TV dating show, Adam and Eve when they first converse, a doo-wop group singing about a girl (and a tragic taxidermy accident). We're not making this up. They are.

Host Drew Carey, a clever crew of comedy regulars and special guests (David Hasselhoff, Florence Henderson, Jerry Springer, Richard Simmons, bodybuilder Jane Tricker and more) come up with funny-on-the-fly in the hit series that crosses a game show with mad improvisation. Discover 10 of the show's best episodes with all of the censor bars and bleeps removed, so you can enjoy every bit of the delicious and daring funny business in all its glory. Uncensored means that the potential for laughter is unlimited!

Warner Home Video has announced that a DVD release titled Whose Line Is It Anyway? - The Best Of will come to stores on June 9th. This 2-disc, 300-minute release contains 10 favorite episodes of the classic, kooky series, at a cost of $24.98 SRP. Below is a list of those episodes:

Show No. 308 "Ryan smashing head" (First Aired: Thursday June 14, 2001)
Show No. 401 "good show with Wayne as Singing Bass and kissing Colin" (First Aired: Thursday September 6, 2001)
Show No. 413 Too Hot For Whose Line (First Aired: Wednesday October 3, 2001)
Show No. 512 "with Florence Henderson" (First Aired: Monday September 30, 2002)
Show No. 521 "with Richard Simmons" (First Aired: Friday June 20, 2003)
Show No. 610 "with Kathy Griffin & David Hasselhoff" (First Aired: Friday June 27, 2003)
Show No. 611 "with bodybuilder Jane Tricker" (First Aired: Friday July 11, 2003)
Show No. 505 Valentine's Day Show "with Loyola Marymount Cheerleaders" (First Aired: Saturday August 7, 2004)
Show No. 419 "Fluff your Garfield" show
Show No. 612 Jerry Springer in "Dubbing" game / Colin dancing in "Greatest Hits" game

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